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Discover & Demystify

Discover and Demystify Dubai. Before luxurious automobiles and skyscrapers, Dubai was only sand. Upon arrival in Dubai, you will be introduced into a world of wonder and opportunity. Dubai is an Emirate of the country of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where the culture is inviting and possibilities are endless.

Well known for exceptional architectural design, Dubai continues to be a leading innovative example for the planet. Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most unique cities in the world. For those with an untreatable case of wanderlust, this city is a traveler and investor’s dream come true. Dubai has historic sights, futuristic architecture, active night life and out-of-this-world attractions.

The world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, the famous 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab, and the man made archipelago community of Palm Jumeirah are a few of Dubai’s most popular attractions. Also found on Palm Jumeira is the globally recognized Atlantis Resort where you will find the Lost Chambers Aquarium and Aquaventure Water Park attractions. Experiences you will not soon forget.

Discover and Demystify (Continued)

This year’s Dubai 2021 Trade Mission Summit invites you to learn the latest trends affecting commercial and residential property. This is a must event for architects, investors, REITS, fund asset managers, brokers and realtors looking for real estate and investment opportunities across the MENA Region. irpi360’s Dubai 2021 Trade Mission Summit is an unmissable event experience that will help you or your clients discover their next innovative investment opportunity.

Meet, network and grow your business with investors, fund managers and developers from across the GCC and MENA regions, as well as further fields. Attend complimentary seminars and talks on the Cityscape Summit show floor and learn about the key issues and ideas shaping the sector.

What You Get When You Attend:

  • Discover & demystify the multi-cultural aspects of Dubai
  • Understand what is making Dubai a tourism capitol
  • Learn new intercontinental currency technology
  • See how other nations benefit by being taught to how to build in Dubai
  • Be introduced to a wide range of real estate investment projects
  • Experience how to make sound business and investment decisions while playing full out in Dubai

Your Take Aways When You Leave:

  • Professional business contacts from around the globe
  • The knowledge necessary to obtain investment funding & financing
  • Ability to use work with the banks of Dubai
  • Understand how to purchase real estate with digital Bitcoin technology
  • An action plan for acquiring intercontinental investments

A Culture for Creation

Limitless inspiration, inventiveness and opportunity. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum makes what may seem impossible, possible. Building and Developing hi-tech topic, Seven Shifts Shaping Future Cities, Dubai is harnessing the power of innovation and creativity to set standards for smart cities.

Cities like New York and London are known for their cultural diversity, but Dubai takes diversity to a whole new level. Approximately 85% of Dubai’s population are expats. This brings a level of cultural interaction that is rarely seen anywhere else in the world. Traveling to Dubai is one of the greatest anthropological experiences one can have, as it is allows visitors to travel the entire world from one place.

Dubai is full with cultural value and is abundant in hospitality principles. The emirates are generous and always welcoming. Islam is a way of life in a City rich in cultural diversity. Since last decades Emiratis has focused on growing their economy with diverse ethnicity and backgrounds, maintaining its peace even while being such an expanded city with different people and rituals.

Dubai is known worldwide for its architecture. It’s hard to believe that only four decades ago, the city did not have a single building. Now, the Dubai skyline is full of unique skyscrapers designed by some of the best architects in the world. A drive down one of UAE’s main roads, Sheikh Zayed Road, will leave anyone in awe. Buildings come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Anything Dubai does, it does in style, so even the metro stations are architectural wonders.

Innovative Learning

International Real Property Innovations, trade and exhibitions events. irpi360 facilitates eight full days of experiential learning. Consisting of leadership discussions, keynote speakers, panelists and presenters who will cover the biggest issues driving real estate development and investment on a macro-economic level in Dubai and around the globe. Special focus is placed on each attendee’s professional growth while keeping a business and real estate developmental focus on the MENA region: UAE, KSA, Oman, Egypt, Kuwait and Bahrain.

The separately wrapped 2 day Cityscape Intelligence Live series is a free-to-attend content stream at the Cityscape summit exhibition allowing the attendees the opportunity to engage with and learn from influential industry experts. Set in a debate format, panelists and interviewers at Cityscape Intelligence Live is the ideal platform for real estate specialists to share their insights and debate with other industry leaders on the market recovery process.

Enjoy free-to-attend seminars on the show floor, and discover high-level insights at the Summit. Also covered will be the impact of a growing trend in e-commerce within the region, and its effect on the traditional retail model.

The potential oversupply of retail space/units (increase by 52% by 2025 to 51.9 million sqf in the UAE).

How do old malls repurpose their offering with introductions of new destination attractions?

The GCC and South Asia accounted for 50% of the revenue generated at Super and regional malls—what impact will new potential restrictions have on super projects such as Meydan Mall and Al Khail Mall?

What does the future of retail look like in the region?

Should investors and developers still look to the super mall projects or consider a more community-based retail experience?

Networking Connections

Open doors to new opportunities. Exchange fresh ideas, express your opinions and expand your support network. Network and interact with commercial, residential and industrial real estate influencers across all value chains, whether you’re an architect looking to promote your services to developers, or a real estate investor searching for new assets. Get interconnected and make new business contacts.

For industry stakeholders, investors and asset managers, this is an essential event. Networking is about sharing, not taking. Give and receive career knowledge, advice and gain a different perspective. Advance your career by promoting and making yourself and your organization more visible. Support, strengthen and build confidence in new business connections.

Network with high-level investors, fund managers and developers that are ready to do business

Networking Connections (Continued)

What You Get When You Attend:

  • See upcoming technological real estate integration
  • Understand the Real Estate aspects of Dubai in residential and commercialUnderstand how to do smart funding in DubaiHow to get financing for your business and your properties in Dubai (if you’re a citizen or not)Learn how to open a business with the pre-qualification requirements that you’ll need to meet or exceed based on the definitions of Dubai

Your Take Aways When You Leave:

  • Professional business contacts from around the globe
  • Essential skills in a changing worldInvestment strategies

Business in Dubai

Business, Real Estate and Management. Learn the government requirements for what it takes to start a business, structure an investment, acquire and manage real estate in Dubai. Learn the governmental requirements for owning a property or business while doing business banking in Dubai. Learn investment financing and business lending options for commercial, industrial, retail and residential investments. With technology ever changing in the real estate market, get educated on the differences of today’s smart and fractional funding financing concepts including cryptocurrency, blockchain, bitcoin and more…

Dubai and UAE as a whole is a tax-free business environment whether it is free zone or mainland Dubai has zero corporate and income tax on businesses. … The city has become a popular destination for wealthy individuals because Dubai gives them the freedom to enjoy and invest their money.

Dubai is considered by many to be the financial capital of the UAE. In fact, even the Middle East. It is a city where big dreams can turn into lucrative realities for many companies, entrepreneurs, and



There are many factors contributing to Dubai’s financial stability. Most importantly, poverty is virtually non-existent among its residents. In fact, 63% of Dubai residents consider themselves to be financially stable.

Moreover, Dubai ranks third in the world for attracting high-net-worth individuals.One of the major contributing factors for Dubai’s strong economy, is its resilience to outside turbulent economic factors. Also, its ability to constantly innovate and create new channels for growth and development. For instance, in 2018, the leading sectors that contributed to Dubai’s growing economy were construction, tourism and job growth.

Dubai is also considered to be one of the top 25 financial centres of the world. Moreover, the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) ranked it no. 18 among financial hubs. Also, Dubai is at the top of the list within Africa and the Middle East region. This makes setting up business in Dubai a great idea.


Dubai is seeing a surge in fresh “plug-and-play” office space. This allows faster transitions for a business entering the region. Between 2017-2020, Prime or Grade A office space accounted for 71% of new office stock. The co-working space trend has taken the business world by storm, and Dubai is no exception. There are many innovative, flexible, and affordable co-working spaces available. Moreover, most come with cutting-edge facilities and amenities. Hence, these options are very attractive to companies moving their businesses to Dubai.


Considered to be one of the important factors in attracting businesses to the region. Dubai’s business-friendly policies and regulations aim to make doing business in Dubai easy and profitable. The government plays a critical role in any business regardless of where it is. In Dubai, the government has established a climate of support to empower businesses. This helps them succeed and achieve long-term sustainability.

With the help of PRO services, foreign businesses can often incorporate and open their business in Dubai within a month.

This makes, working with a qualified PRO service provider, who is familiar with Dubai’s rules and regulations very important. As this makes sure the company set-up is done properly and efficiently.


Dubai has an ever-growing number of Free zones (economic trade zones). These zones are very attractive for many types of businesses. Unlike a company set-up on the mainland which requires an Emirati national as a local partner or service agent. All free zones allow expatriates to hold 100% ownership of their business. This comes with the ability to repatriate capital and profits. A free-zone setup also offers business owners exemption from paying corporate taxes for 15 years or more. Also, there are no import/export withholding or personal income taxes.

Operating a business in a free zone is not ideal for everyone. However, it is an excellent choice for many businesses. Hence, a professional PRO can provide invaluable insight to help investors make an informed decision about doing business in UAE.


Creating the perfect team can prove challenging for any business. But in Dubai, businesses have their pick of some of the finest candidates from a large talent pool. This includes highly educated, highly skilled and experienced unskilled workers.

Dubai attracts the best employees in the Middle East. This is partly because of its elevated quality of life. Also, its forward-thinking growth.

Workers of all types flock to the UAE to take advantage of its never-ending opportunities. It also has a very diverse population which is mostly comprise of expatriates from 195 countries.

What You Get When You Attend:

  • Industries of Dubai
  • Dubai business fundamentals of running & operating a business
  • Financial aspects of how to open and run a business in Dubai
  • Understand how to do block chain and cryptocurrency in Dubai

Your Take Aways When You Leave:

  • Institutional investing concepts
  • Intercontinental connections
  • Knowledge needed to invest in multiple developments

What You Get When You Attend:

  • Get introduced to residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality and retail sectors
  • Gain insight into leading developers’ plans and projects, for those investors curious about the market and thinking about investing in the future
  • Discover investment options which are trending during the current climate
  • Hear from key industry experts such as economists, developers, asset managers and others at Summit Talks and Project Tours.
  • Get a thorough, macro-economic outlook on the GCC and global real estate markets

Your Take Aways When You Leave:

  • Understand intercontinental investment opportunities
  • Upcoming investment knowledge

The Royal Atlantis Resort & Residences

Projected cost: AED 5.15 billion (approx.)

Projected completion: 2020

43-storeys, 90 pools, 13 restaurants and 2,000 jellyfish, The Atlantis Palm’s sister hotel is set to impress just as much as its older sibling does.

With 231 luxury apartments, 693 hotel rooms and 102 suites being projected, it will become one of the most luxurious hotels in all of Dubai. The apartments, which come in various styles and formats, even have their own gardens and private pools.

It is just a short distance from the established Atlantis hotel, also sitting on one of the cresents of the Palm, this will give visitors tremendous access to private beaches as well as views of the ocean and of the built up Dubai ahead of it.

Development Projects

Surviving through the 2008 financial crisis, Dubai, the tourism capital of the UAE, is showing no signs of slowing down. The emirate has an eternal quest to create the most beautiful and futuristic things around. Investor’s dream tour. Get an insider’s perspective while previewing some of the most outstanding architectural structures recognized from around the globe. The Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Luxury, Hospitality and Retail buildings in Dubai are absolutely built to impress. Touring attendees will be introduced to a variety of limited investment opportunities from projects like the Opus designed by Zaha Hadid, known as the “Queen of the Curve” and the first female architect to win the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize, to the perusing condo tower investments along the man made canals of Business Bay and the skyscraping condo docks of Dubai Creek Harbor.

The Palm Jumeirah, Trade Centre, Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai Grande Signature and Tilal Al Ghaf.


For foreign investors wondering, ‘is buying property in Dubai a good idea?’, Abdulsalam says there are clear advantages. The UAE was ranked as the safest country in the world in 2019, according to an announcement made by local authorities. It’s also one of the prime reasons for foreign investment in Dubai real estate. Overseas investors don’t have to worry about security issues when buying property in Dubai, due to the city’s safe environment.

And while VAT has been introduced, it does not apply to investors’ rental income. This tax-free income is also amongst the reasons to buy property in Dubai in 2019 as an overseas investor. Finally, Dubai continues to be one of the top cities to visit and live in, giving the properties here a high investment potential.

many reasons to buy property in Dubai – but the city isn’t done developing yet. Dubai real estate has made its mark on the world map and is compared to global hubs like New York, London and Hong Kong. With the Expo 2020 projects like the Dubai Metro extension and Al Maktoum International Airport taking shape, the Dubai real estate market is likely to see a positive impact in the coming years.

Reside in the heart of a bold new vision for Dubai, born from the fusion of creativity and innovation. Redefine your future on the banks of this historic creek, that represents the next frontier in contemporary life, work and play. Rediscover the DUBAI CREEK HARBOUR that is spearheading the movement for integrated living.

The Tower at DubaiCreek Harbor. Developed by Emaar Properties, the exact height of The Tower is kept under wraps at the moment. It’s estimated soar at around 1,300 metres, this will near dwarf the height of the Burj Khalifa which stands at around 828 metres. It will also beat the Jeddah Tower being constructed in Saudi Arabia which aims to clock in at around 1,000 metres.

Looking unlike any other structure in Dubai right now, The Tower is styled after an Arabian minaret, inspired to stand as a symbol of modern Islam. The structure’s metal beams keeping it standing also evoke the image of a blossoming lily flower.

It will stand in Dubai’s developing Dubai Harbour Creek, offering a prime location in terms of both retail opportunities and fantastic views. Its location will allow for never-before-seen views of Downtown Dubai and the Burj Khalifa.

Day Trip to Abu Dhabi

This will be an all day adventure in Abu Dhabi. Experience the culture of the Emirates Palace, the Grand Mosque, and driving a Ferrari. See the culture and customs of Abu Dhabi. This will be a great experience if this is your first trip to Dubai.

The city of Abu Dhabi is embedded with stunning hotels parading extravagant features, filled with glitz and glamour, that would seem like living in a fairy world. Visiting or staying in them will give you an unbelievable experience which is another reason why Going to Abu Dhabi is a good choice.

From amazing hotels floating on the manmade Yas Island, deluxe beach front resorts to the Palatial Emirates palace offering supreme royalty experience, Abu Dhabi is a city that makes you not want to leave.

Consisting of some of the tallest and most stunning architectural wonders of the modern world, this city enables you to encounter the constantly changing panoramic view of the city’s skyline with its different shapes and sizes of the sea, desert and the city. It is definitely a sight so unique; Abu Dhabi is certainly a city second to no city in the world.

Sightseeing Abu Dhabi’s attractions are one of the top Things to Do in Abu Dhabi. Be it historical or modern day attractions the architecture, structure and overall look will mesmerize you.

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the city’s most beautiful building and the biggest mosque in UAE and showcases the rich Islamic culture of the city. Ferrari world exudes modern day luxury and architectural brilliance. Whether its theme parks, zoos, cultural villages, skyline views or unique entertainment, the Things to Do in Abu Dhabi are numerous and each one gives a unique experience.

Abu Dhabi’s vast range of its rich cuisine and variety of different food that has strong Islamic and Middle Eastern roots is one of the main reasons Abu Dhabi should be your next holiday destination. From stuffed camels to Smokey rice to delectable Hummus, Abu Dhabi food is going to keep your taste buds craving even long after you have had them.

What You Get When You Attend:

  • Abu Dhabi’s multi-cultural diversity
  • Experience the Tourism draw of Abu Dhabi
  • See how Ferrari redefines the experience of speed
  • Embrace the opulence of Emirate’s Palace
  • Relish in the Grand Mosque’s stunning architecture

Your Take Aways When You Leave:

  • Relationships with forward thinking professionals
  • A worldly perspective of endless possibility
  • A priceless experience you won’t soon forget






~ Event Schedule ~

Day 1: Sunday, Nov 15, 2021 ~ Discover & Demystify Dubai ~

Get orientated and fall in love with the best practices and cultural mystery of Dubai. Get deep dish professional training on what is needed to acquire, manage and maximize business and investment opportunities. Learn from great Presenters and Mentors on a variety of ways to do Business, Banking and Property Investing.

  • 08:45 – | – Registration | Pre-Event Networking (Bring Business Cards)
  • 09:00 – | – Irpi360 Welcome Presentation | Event Overview & Objectives
  • 09:15 – | – Introductions, Intentions and Outcomes
  • 09:30 – | – Trade Mission Experience, Getting The Most Out Of It
  • 10:00 – | – Berj Khalifa Elevator Pitch | Speed Networking
  • 10:30 – | – Introducing Dubai | Cultural Best Practices
  • 11:00 – | – Demystify and Discover Dubai | Business In Dubai Part One
  • 12:00 – | – Working Lunch | Business In Dubai Part Two
  • 13:00 – | – Currency Technologies Part 1: Bitcoin and Crypto Currency
  • 14:00 – | – Banking in Dubai Part One | Banking, Funding & Financing
  • 15:00 – | – Purchasing In Dubai Part One | Structuring Taking Ownership
  • 16:00 – | – Purchasing Investing, Holding, Managing & Selling Property
  • 17:00 – | – irpi360 Debrief Announcements | End Day One
  • 19:00 – | – Reception Mixer – (Location To Be Determined)

Days 2-3: Mon/Tues, Nov 16-17, 2021 ~ Cityscape Summit ~ World Trade Center Dubai ~

Expand your knowledge and grow your business opportunities by attending two full days of industry related educational speaker panels and presentations. (Cityscape Summit is separate from irpi360’s Dubai 2020 Trade Mission Summit. irpi360’s Dubai 2020 Trade Mission Summit Attendees may attend Cityscape Summit at Attendees own expense. General admission is currently no cost. Meals are not included)

Summit First Day: 16th November 2021

  • 09:00 – | – Registration | Summit Opens
  • 09:30 – | – Cityscape Welcome Address by Cityscape, Informa Markets
  • 09:35 – | – In Conversation | Q&A with leading UAE Government Figures
  • 11:30 – | – Economic Market Disruption | Global & Local Response
  • 11:50 – | – Future of Smart Cities | Logistics & Mobility for Tomorrow
  • 12:20 – | – Institutional Investing in COVID times | Strategic Thinking
  • 14:00 – | – Blue Chip Adaptation | Investor ESG Considerations
  • 14:20 – | – Future Office | Commercial to Home Office Adaptation
  • 14:40 – | – Retail Sector’s Luster for Investors | Accelerating Trends
  • 15:00 – | – 2020 Game Changer | On-Demand Industry & Warehouse
  • 19:00 – | – End Summit Second Day
  • 20:00 – | – Evening Presentation Mixers – (Mixers & Meals not included)

Summit Second Day: 17th November 2021

  • 09:30 – | – Registration | Summit Opens
  • 10:00 – | – Pandemics & the Climate Crisis | Reshaping Cities
  • 10:20 – | – Rapid Transformation | Industry Adaptation to Challenge
  • 11:40 – | – Architectural Future Proofing | Design Standards
  • 12:00 – | – What’s Next for Retail & Hospitality in Design
  • 12:20 – | – Smart City Technology Resiliency | Post Pandemic Concepts
  • 14:00 – | – Big Data AI & Tech | Driving Asset Performance
  • 14:20 – | – Maximizing Property Values through PropTech
  • 15:40 – | – Tech-enabled Future | Building & Community Management
  • 19:00 – | – End Summit Second Day
  • 20:00 – | – Evening Presentation Mixers – (Mixers & Meals not included)

Days 4-5: Wed/Thur, Nov 18-19, 2021 ~ Project Tour Days 1 & 2 ~

Experience first hand Dubai’s amazing Real Estate Residential, Commercial and Industrial Investment Opportunities. Attend two full days of citywide industry related Builder and Developer Project Tours.

  • 08:30 – | – Event Start | Meet In Lobby | Tour Bus Boarding08:45 – | – Tours Embark

    09:00 – | – Area Project and Development Introductions | Existing and New Build Construction | Tour Commercial, Industrial, Business, Residential, Retail, Hospitality, High and Mid-Rise, Luxury.

  • 13:00 – | – Lunch Break15:30 – | – Thursday : irpi360 Debrief Announcements | Tour Ends

    17:15 – | – Thursday : Event Bus Boarding | Cultural Dining Experience

    17:00 – | – Friday : irpi360 Debrief Announcements | Tour and Day Ends

Day 6: Fri, Nov 20, 2021 ~ Day Excursion Tour Abu Dhabi ~

Escape to first hand Abu Dhabi’s amazing Real Estate Residential, Commercial, Industrial Investment Opportunities. Attend two full days of industry related Builder and Developer citywide Project Tours. blissful nature, magnificent architecture, Islamic cultural splendor to year round sunshine, this multicultural city; Abu Dhabi, offers something for everyone regardless of their age and interest. The Things to Do in Abu Dhabi are always exciting, captivating and entertaining. From scorching desert, blissful nature, magnificent architecture, Islamic cultural splendor to year round sunshine, this multicultural city; Abu Dhabi, offers something for everyone regardless of their age and interest. The Things to Do in Abu Dhabi are always exciting, captivating and entertaining.

  • 06:30 – | – Event Start | Meet In Lobby | Tour Bus Boarding09:00 – | – Ferrari World Experience

    15:00 – | – Culture of Emirates Palace

  • 18:00 – | – The Grand Mosque21:00 – | – Excursion Tour Day Ends

Day 7: Saturday, Nov 21, 2021 ~ Day On Your Own ~

Further discover Dubai on your own, or with our group or with someone you meet throughout the week.

Day 8: Sunday, Nov 22, 2021 ~ Implement and Take Action ~

Reap the rewards of your learning experience by investing in yourself and take the necessary actions to solidify your future. Meet face to face with the week’s educational speakers, trainers, presenters, builders and developers.

  • 9:00 – 12:00 – | – Meet The Presenters | One-On-One Appointments Opening bank accounts in Dubai or starting business entities
  • 12:00 – | – Break for Lunch
  • 13:00 – | – One-On-One Appointments (Continued)
  • 13:30 – 17:00 – | – Solidify and Secure the Investment (Transport Provided)
  • 17:00 – | – Event End

Add-On Day 9: Monday, Nov 23, 2021 ~ Day Excursion Aquaventure Waterpark Atlantis ~ (Additional cost)

Honor the weeks work and treat yourself to a full day of rewards, celebration and fun. Be part of the Winner’s Circle and Celebrate ALL of Your Week’s Success. Join irpi360 Ambassadors at Aquaventure Waterpark Cabana for a day of Arabian Sun, Fun and Excitement.

  • 08:00 – | – Event Start | Meet In Lobby | Excursion Bus Boarding
  • 17:00 – | – Event End




*Event Schedule and Daily Agenda is subject to change. International Real Property Innovations LLC, dba is not and will not be held responsible for uncontrollable conditions and/or catastrophic events. Attendee(s) assumes all risk and liability when attending event. International Real Property Innovations LLC, dba is to be held harmless at all times by Event Attendee(s).