Same Day Results ~  ~Results In 30 Minutes! Price $199

  1. Log into website

  2. Select the RT-PCR for $199

  3. Select September 17th for the appointment date

  4. Select the EARLIEST time you can be there

  5. Fill out client information.

  6. Once finished filling out information, click continue to proceed booking.

  7. After clicking continue, you’re going to confirm.

  8. In order to make the payment you have to click the STRIPE Button

  9.  Make your payment, with credit card.

  10. Lastly, let the technician know you’re going to wait for your results about 30 minutes.

24-48 Hour Results~ ~Results in 24 hours, Price $199 & With insurance it’s $149 + The mobile lab comes to you!


Suggested Airlines for Crew Flight 

It is encouraged to check your local resources from the provider(s) of your choice.

  • irpi Ambassador crew will separt Las Vegas Sept 19th at 11:25am on United Airlines Flight 597 those leaving from the Las Vegas area Paradise Travel can assist with your international flight arrangements.


-Designed for crew, If you don’t see your city of departure it is recommended to check your local resources for this information-